Drowning in Grain

by Jetty Rae

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A huge debt of gratitude goes to my “husbandger” Jason, who is constantly supporting me lifting me up, encouraging me, and inspiring me. His encouragement has given me wings and the ability to do what I love everyday. I’m also so grateful for an amazing base of people: Peter and Quick Artist Agency, my amazing Ragamuffin Family, my awesome agent Tek, my awesomely talented brother-in-law Dan, my amazing graphic designer and creative consultant team Kevin White at Umami Design and Amy O’Donnell Design, Eric a great friend and boss at Solid Sound, my family, and my amazing fans who continue to listen and share my music! Thanks for listening, and be inspired!


released February 28, 2012

All songs written by Jetty Rae with the exception of Freedom which was co-written with Marian Mereba
Guitar/Vocals: Jetty Rae
Guitar on Frayed Ends: Sam Corbin
Electric Guitar: Chris Dupont
Drums & Percussion: Billy Harrington
Bass and Upright Bass: Joe Fee
Violin: Katie Van Dusen
Cello: Tom Maples
Piano, Rhodes, Organ & Saxophone: Daryl Bean
Engineered & Mixed: Nick Nagurka
Production: Jetty Rae
Percussion Production: Billy Harrington
Final Mix and Master: Eric Wojahn, Chief Engineer at Solid Sound Recording Company Photography: Dan Stewart Photography
Album Design & Artwork: Umami Design & Amy O’Donnell Design
Copyright © 2012 Jetty Rae LLC. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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Jetty Rae Michigan

Jetty released her first full-length album "Blackberries" in 2007, her first EP “Nobody” in November 2009, and lullaby album “La La Lu and the Lazy Moon” in July 2011.

Jetty Rae was handpicked by Sarah McLachlan and Terry McBride for Lilith Fair in Detroit.

You may have also heard Jetty’s voice on Truvia’s television advertisements.
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Track Name: Nice Ones
Behind their smiles
Are tiny little crocodiles
Waiting to do, do, do me in

Beware of those
Who only can speak so sweet
Their words are like honey true
Dripping with bees

Your words are like
Windows without any screens
I will fall fall fall to my death
No one will ever hear me scream
Your kindness is obscene

Never trust the nice ones, ohhhhh

Everything can’t always be
As nice as you’d like to believe
We’re not all actors here
And this is not your TV screen

So why am I forced to stand
Behind this green screen
And pretend that I do not see
The monster coming for me

I know that sounds so silly
So crazy, so crazy of me
But my imagination can’t help
But make you a little more scary
Than you ought to be, than you ought to be to me

Never trust the nice ones, ohhhhh

I have known lots of people like you in my life
I say good grief to you all I don’t like any sugar with my spice
Oh I’m so gracious, more than I really should be
More gracious than any body's ever been to me

Never trust the nice ones, ohhhhh
Track Name: In Love
What if I told you my heart was black, blacker than black
Showed you all my dirty laundry in a neat and filthy stack
Would you wash my clothes in your river divine
Then set my shame free and hang them out to dry on salvation's line
Would you, would you?

I’ve been called a lot of things, but never have I been pure
Love has always come with dirty deeds, and my heart has always longed for more
I’m pulling back these darkened shades, treading these bleak streets no more

Cuz when the sun shines on me, for the first time
I feel alive, ohhhh

Said I never felt like this before
But now I feel it, I’m so sure
I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
I’m in love, love with you

What you have done for me I will try to repay
There is no payment for freedom in full and bleeding out this soul of pain
What kind of lover covers me up, when I am laying in shame?
Oh I’ve got myself, I’ve only ever had myself to blame, oh I blame

Cuz when the sun shines on me, for the first time
I feel alive, ohhhh

Said I never felt like this before
But now I feel it, I’m so sure
I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
I’m in love, love with you
Track Name: Frayed Ends
We all hitchhike on this road
A traveler’s soul waiting to come in from the cold
It's so cold

We’ve run this map like a band of thieves
We take all we want, but never what we need
What do I need

Ashes ashes we all fall down
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Dust to dust, blow on these dry bones
Pick me up, carry me home

You have searched every broken road
Longing to restore this travelers soul to your
Make me whole

Cuz I've about slipped to the end of this rope
Feeling insecure, feeling like a joke
But it’s not funny
Track Name: Alien
Step to the left, step to the right
You’ve been marching to their beat
Your whole life well it’s time for you
To step on out of line

Pushing the grain, drowning in grain
You weren’t set apart to be the same
You’re not the same no, no
Why you blending in so well?

Act like your dead, oh act like your dead
You’ll all fit in if you act like your dead
The only problem is you’re not dead your alive

Oh I don’t want to be a culture kid, I just want to be an alien

Sleep with us, drink with us
The whole world is yours in a blanket of lust
Well it’s time for you, to burn the blanket
Burn the trust

Dress like us, obsess like us
Come on everybody’s so obsessed with us but your not
Why don’t you fit inside our molds?

We only mean well, we only mean well
The whole bloody world only means well
Well you can’t well mean yourself to heaven
But you can well mean yourself to hell

Oh I don’t want to be a culture kid, I just want to be an alien

Step to the left, step to the right
You’ve been marching to their beat
Your whole life well its time for you
To step on out of line
Track Name: Favorite Song
You are my favorite song that I have ever heard
Boy you're my sunshine yes you are and so much more

You are the bestest friend that I have ever had
You love me when I'm angry, you love me when I am mad

You are the kindest soul that I have ever known
Oh baby in your arms, that's where I am home

If you can stand all my spending
If you can stand all my pretending
If you can stand all my drama
Then I guess I can stand your mama

You are the most handsome man that I have ever seen
I could travel back a thousand years, search through all of history

You are the smartest man that I have ever met
All our babies will be smart as you, Oh I'm all set

You are the bravest soul that I have ever known
After all you're marrying me, it's not to late to say no

I can stand all your technology
Just know that it's not in my biology
I can stand the way you eat cereal
Just as long as you always treat me imperial
If you can stand all my spending
If you can stand all my pretending
If you can stand all my drama
Then I guess I can stand your mama
Track Name: Yarn
I’ve wound me up, like yarn in a ball
But I’m coming unraveled, half can never be full
I believed in me, myself and I
A healthy dose of self reliance, I don’t need anyone by my side

That’s a lie, a lie

I’ve locked me up, a stubborn jailer in a cell
But I’m brave enough to never ever, call for help
When stones are thrown, I want to throw them back
I never want to be the bigger man, I never pass the test

But I try, I try

I wound myself, with your imaginary words
Convince my ears and heart, they’re sure of what
They’ve never even heard
Maintaining space, and my sense of dignity have kept me
Far away from the arms of real transparency

Forgive me, Forgive

I cut me down, by breaking my own hand
I criticize your lack of grace, I criticize all I can
Wanting to change everyone but myself
Oh I’m running a dizzying race I can’t change anyone else
But myself

But myself, myself
Track Name: Freedom
I’m a song-less bird, I’m a flightless word is this really me
I’m a sunless sky got no alibi for what’s become of me
I’m a heat-less flame everyday is the same, don’t expect nothing from me
I’m a loaded gun but I’m stuck in the mud of this troubled philosophy

I handed you my freedom just like that
you pushed me to my grave with a pat on the back

Give me my freedom back
Cuz I won’t be caught standing still, wasting time
Waiting until you, give me my freedom back
Cuz the sun won’t shine if these words of mine, get laid to rest in me

I was a silent voice, but it was my choice to deceive myself to be
I was a clueless victim whose only conviction was living in apathy
I was a mold fitting, whose stories unwritten I’m stopping this mockery
I was another sob story ‘til I saw the glory of what it means to be free

I handed you my freedom just like that
You pushed me to my grave with a pat on the back

I’m walking in freedom now
You held my hand like a ball in chain
You stole my heart like a thief with no shame
I’m walking in freedom now
Cuz the sun won’t shine if these words of mine get laid to rest in me
Track Name: Chocolate Sunrise
I saw the sun rise in your eyes
Then it went behind a cloud
Hail and snow of disbelief came raining down
I saw the sun set in your eyes
Filled me with wonder and surprise
Never knew I loved a chocolate sunrise til I saw your eyes

I saw the glory of the risen Lord
Faithfully across the shore
I've been in this boat before
So far, so far away from shore

I saw a million reasons to love
But only could stand on one
Because you loved me
Because you loved me first

But if I'm gonna stand in the pouring rain
I'm gonna make sure that your there holding my hand
And If I'm gonna stand in the darkest valley
I'm gonna need you to shine your light for me
And if I'm gonna fall into a hole
I'll give you the rope so you can pull
And If I'm gonna jump to a land of new heights
I'm gonna bring you up to see all the sights
And If I'm gonna play a game of hide and seek
You be the hide and I'll be the seek
And If I'm gonna give my bread to the hungry
I'm gonna need you to give your bread with me

I saw a darkness I never want to face
It's covered with light when I kiss your face
I saw a light consuming me, reflections of love
Cut soul deep
I saw a yellow butterfly
This time I won't mistake the signs
I saw a vision of you and me
Holding tightly the way it should be

But if I'm gonna grow old and wrinkly
I'm gonna want you there turning grey with me
And if I'm gonna leave a legacy
I'm gonna want your name written next to mine in history
If I'm gonna go out with a bang
You be the trigger and I'll the be bang
And if I'm gonna have to die eventually
I'm gonna want you there waiting for me
And if I've got a song in heaven to sing
I'm gonna need some one to harmonize with my melody
If I believe won't you believe too?
I don't have enough faith for you and me

I believe—in a greater love
Track Name: Movies
More than anything I wish I could produce a smile
That is genuine, I've gotta stay genuine
More than life itself, I wish that life itself
Would pick me up by the belt
And sing me a happy song
'Cause it seems like those never last very long
And I get tired of people asking me what's wrong
More than anything I wish I could make a cheerful toast
And mean it, and mean it
Wish I could sing someone to sleep with lullabies
But I would only be singing them lies

So tell me, why is life so pleasant in the movies?
The girl gets the guy, the guy learns how to fly
And they fly off to the moon
Well I'm just wondering if that ships sailing soon
'Cause I've never, no I've never been to the moon

More than anything I wish I could speak my mind
And have it be nice, no but I won't be nice
More than a pack of new strings, I wish the songs that I would sing
Wouldn't reek of the blues and the minors
All the melancholy confiners
More than most I wish that most could see
That nothing comes from romantic fantasy
And I don't want hypocrisy I just want someone to want me for me
So I'll wait another day
In this state
Could slate the whole thing against me I'm sure, I'm sure
And I'll laugh and I'll cry on those lonely nights
Are better than getting in fights, aren't they?
Track Name: Promise
I’m tying myself to the helm it’s true
I’d rather sink or drown then turn around
And abandon you

I’m chaining my soul to your feet
Where you go, I’ll go too you’ll see I’m yours for keeps

I’m knitting my fibers to your being
We are one in the same, you’re all I’ve ever needed

I’m a wretch, without your love
I am needy
And I was naked, until you wrapped me
In your banner of love

We’re sailing the seven seas together
Come hell or high water if we live or if we perish
It’s forever

We’ll climb our highest mountain and stand in wonder
Our love will manifest in a powerful symphony of thunder

We’re wrapped in a promise a banner of love
We swore an oath, built a house, we share the same blood

I am sheltered
I am healed
I am clothed, inside your banner of love
I am whole in your banner of love